Saana Hellsten

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Saana Hellsten is a curious-minded multidisciplinary designer from Helsinki, currently based in London but having lived in Helsinki, New York, Berlin and Italy. Her style of life and design can be described as passionate, empathetic, honest and curious, not forgetting about humour (preferably a bit dark and sarcastic). She has a high appreciation towards sustainability and equality and these are qualities she tries to keep in mind with her work as well. Her goal is to create design, that doesn’t bring more unnecessary trash and clutter to this world. Design, that has a purpose to exist. These are the values that drive Studio Hellsten as well.
Studio Hellsten is a design practice with a mission to create time-lasting and beautifully crafted branding solutions for those who share the same values as Saana Hellsten: sustainability, equality and passion for the craft. The studio works in the field of art direction, branding, packaging & graphic design, illustration and other visual design with a clientele from all over the world. With her wide experience from being an in-house Art Director of fashion to working at the top designs agencies in New York, Saana is able to deliver a holistic approach to the projects. She is especially known for her work BASIK, a design project which criticises packaging that perpetuates gender stereotypes and sees gender-neutral packaging as a factor that can encourage gender equality and create a more sustainable world. In addition to many other hobbies, she expresses herself through photography, ceramics, printmaking, contemporary dance and her cat’s Instagram (@pallo_the_cat).

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