Lorena Barrantes San Román, founder of Legatos Mundi  (Ambassadors of the World) spoke to us about the inspiring work the organization is doing.

We are an independent organization based in Costa Rica dedicated to the development and implementation of initiatives that contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals, Human Rights and the Culture of Peace.

Legatos Mundi’s mission statement emphasizes promoting ethical behaviour. Could you give us an example of an ambassador of change who profoundly impacted others?

Arlette Bonilla is our liaison for the community of La Cruz in the Northern Pacific region. This community leader has committed herself to helping Legatos Mundi implement it’s programs since it started in 2017. She organized our donation campaigns for hurricane Otto in 2016, Tropical storm Nate in 2017 and hurricane ETA in 2020. She has also organized our yearly donation of backpacks for the most needy children of the community. We are currently setting up a project with the women of the community. She has shown us the way to work for others that need us in every possible way impacting at least 40 families.

One of the UN Sustainable Development Goal’s you work with is Climate Action Target 13.3; By 2030, Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning. What are some of the successful strategies you have implemented to work towards this?

We have done many projects to contribute to this target.

  • Reforestation campaign in Palmital, Cartago 50 trees planted.
  • Methodist School –  Blue Ecological flag implementation. 800 students, 40 teachers.
  • Reforestation campaign in Isla Palo Seco, Parrita, Puntarenas. 229 trees planted. 15 students and teachers of New Generation High School.
  • SDG sensibilization strategy with different stakeholders. 867 people sensitized on the SDG´s.

What does Legatos do to contribute to safeguarding peace?

Every single endeavour that we carry out has elements of culture of peace as we believe that humanity can only stand tall if peace prevails over conflict. Incivility is a silent enemy that spoils the hearts, tackling it is one of our most relevant deeds.

Images courtesy of Lorena Barrantes San Román

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