DWIGHT SCHOOL SEOUL in partnership with American Chamber of Commerce proudly present the D21 Learning Making Shaping Conference March 26th 2021

Curriculum Conundrums and the MYP: Attention Grabbing with Ethical Dilemmas


This session focuses on using real life ethical dilemmas in interdisciplinary curriculum to generate student focus and support learning outcomes. Emotion drives attention and attention drives learning and ethical dilemmas are a thought-provoking way to stimulate student interest and discussion. Value and belief systems are important concepts; they are an integral part of what makes us human and by using these as a reference point, teachers can support purposeful inquiry based units and understand how these enrich the student interdisciplinary learning experience. All examples will be drawn from our recently published teacher resource books ‘Interdisciplinary Thinking for Schools: Ethical Dilemmas MYP 1, 2 & 3’ and ‘Interdisciplinary Thinking for Schools: Ethical Dilemmas MYP 4 & 5’ (John Catt Educational Ltd, UK).