Developing Ethical STEAM resources for DATTA Vic 

(Design And Technology Teachers Association Vic).

We enjoyed our participation in DATTA Vic’s virtual conference DESIGN DISRUPTION 2020 presentation ‘Change Makers and Game Changers – Design can lead the way’. The global and environmental community is ‘hurting’. Many inspiring young people such as Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai are showing leadership through action. As Design & Technologies teachers we can enable positive change in young people, by presenting students with opportunities to explore and design sustainable ways of living. We can challenge traditional ways of thinking. This presentation will explore an interdisciplinary unit using design and physics with extracts from experts such as Martin Rees, the Royal Astronomer, and Paul Lockhart, a NASA astronaut. It will also help teachers to understand the importance of disruption and innovation in the practice and philosophy of the godfather of Italian design, Alberto Alessi. Participants will have examples to reflect on, to inform their practice and support student development.


Leading on from our involvement we will be working with DATTA Vic this year designing  STEAM units of work based around the Ethical Capabilities strand from the Victorian Curriculum. We look forward to continuing and developing further our collaboration with DATTA Vic.