D for Dilemma: Ethics and IDU

Presentation for the Victorian/Tasmanian MYP Network

Organiser: Peter Muir MYP Network Chairperson.


This virtual presentation was an exciting opportunity to present to an MYP audience in Australia. 

Peter Muir kindly facilitated this for us and we were able to present some ideas and concepts from our publications regarding embedding ethical dilemmas in curriculum. We believe strongly in the power of visuals and our presentations always include a variety of images to provide another layer of communicating ideas. Peter moderated  the questions from the chat and this allowed us to have interaction with the audience.


Like many teachers, who have had to develop new strategies for online learning with their classes, we also had to adapt and consider how much information our audience could usefully process in the given time using this format.  One thing we took away from this was that we needed to make our ethical model more dynamic as it is the heart of what we do. Timmy, our website designer subsequently worked on an animation version for our future conferences and presentations.