Collaboration with Core 21 Educational Services (USA) Project 76105

Your City, Your River: Hope for the Future.

For this project, we designed a curriculum for an economically disadvantaged group of students from a largely African American and Hispanic community in Fort Worth, Texas.

This curriculum focuses on the ethical value of Hope for a better future. We believe that through embedding ethical dilemmas for students to solve, they connect to the real life problems presented and their learning is empowered.

This curriculum was initially created for a Summer school program in June 2021 with the possibility of the content being adapted for school districts in Texas.

We designed a series of lessons which focused on inspiring and motivating the students to connect with their city and the Trinity River redevelopment project and the impact this could have on their education and recreational activities.

Using Native American stories about river myths with storytelling, bridge design (3D computer modelling), mathematics and science students will explore the environment and design through the lens of Biomimicry and their own imagination.

Students will discover the possibilities of STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading,  Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and look at the world of work associated with designing and building a vast project. Through this project we hope that students will forge different  links with the Fort Worth community and consider new perspectives for a hopeful future. 

Teachers are provided with all the resources and content required to deliver the program either online or face to face and we will be providing teacher training to support them as they explore this innovative holistic inquiry based program. This is our first collaboration with Core 21 Educational Services and Fort Worth SPARC, there are more exciting projects being planned. So keep an eye out for further developments with this innovative US company that specialises in professional development for educators in schools both in America and internationally.