(Australian International Academy).

January 28th 2021

Workshop for International Baccalaureate MYP (Middle Years Teachers) on designing and writing interdisciplinary units of works.

We are delighted to be working with teachers and demonstrating how they can embed real-life ethical problems into their new units to inspire students. We will be using our books to support and guide teachers on formulating Statements of Inquiry, writing ethical dilemmas and ethical equations together with inquiry questions. An exploration of our Harbord & Khan Educational Ethical Model will provide a framework for teacher understanding. 


We were very excited to be working with the Australian International Academy (AIA) on Thursday and although there were a few concerns as to whether our coordinating with Sara in Muscat would work, it did and the connection was excellent. Having heard our presentation ‘D for Dilemma’ at the Victorian/Tasmanian MYP Network (December 8, 2020), Naima the MYP Coordinator had approached us to present on planning interdisciplinary units in MYP using ethical dilemmas.

Sara was up and working at 5am whilst it was 12pm here in Melbourne. 

With Covid restrictions in place and everyone 1.5 metres apart it was a very different experience. Having said that, it was marvellous to be collaborating with educators and exploring our books together. 

As we collaborated as teachers and authors, we collaborate as presenters and this format was appreciated by the teachers, many who commented on the value of experiencing our individual styles.

Teachers were in their respective faculty groups with pre-ordered copies of our books and subject guides and after the initial session the faculty member chose a partner and started designing their interdisciplinary units. 

We loved working with the school and look forward to further sessions in the future.


Some of our survey feedback:

  • Approaching an interdisciplinary unit starting with an ethical dilemma makes writing up an unit much much easier
  • It was easy to use following the formula system
  • Content was great and loved the quotes and the way it was delivered
  • A well-organised presentation. Will be great to have you again to see the IDU completed