Who have supported us

Alan James Mcleod

Asma Mundrawala

Boyd McMillan

Carolina Della Valle

Chenjerai Kadzinga

Chen Li

Christopher K. Darling

Dan Schlesinger

Debjani Bhardwaj

Eddy Kamuanga

Gianluca Franzese

Jade Xia

John Holt

Josh Lusby

Josh Thompson

Linda Weil

Louisa Harris

Lucy Wisada

Masakatsu Sashie

Michael Falzoni

Nahal Sheikh

Namrita Bachchan

Nathalie Mountain

Omar Gilani

Patrick Hughes

Reem Al Shaikh

Saif Ali Khan

Sequoia Bostick

Simon Bejer

Simon Saliba

Sara Riaz Khan



Who have supported our books

Aalia Khan

Alla Al Lawati

Ananya Nadgauda

Areeba Marium

Ash Harbord

Craig Springett

Danyal Niazi

Enosh Pathmanathan

Evia Della Valle

Frank Tirimacco

Hayden Annable

Humera Alvi

Isanna Della Valle

Iskander Pataudi

Jibraan Zobairi

Lara Al-Yafei

Leea Nadeer Contractor

Maira Ghaffar

Mariam Idris

Mrinmayee Sengupta

Nikhil Naryanan

Oliver Lee

Omar Dabbous

William Stark

Zara Riaz



Who have worked with us

Adrian Bruch

Andrew Berg

Bina Philips

Bora Rancic

Bryce McBride

Cathy Emery

Denise Barker

Dr. Joan Della Valle 

Fiona Mulvaney

Kamakshi Balasubramanian 

Marios Mantzoukis

Megel Barker

Renee Gross-Zylbersztajn

Sherrye Dotson

Talla McIlvain

Trina Bonetti


We would like to shout out to our web & brand designer Timmy Bourke Design. He has worked closely with us to bring our vision into a brand and create our digital footprint.

Working mainly with small businesses, Timmy Bourke Design finds it very important to only work with clients who are ETHICALLY FOCUSSED. This was very hard in the beginning but as he started to establish a name for himself, he is starting to align with climate change projects, sustainability pop-ups and socially focussed meet ups to help the hospitality industries under paid and under represented.
We couldn’t recommend Timmy Bourke Design highly enough. If you like us, find ethically, social and morally driven design absolutely paramount, while not compromising on the aesthetics, Timmy Bourke Design is the perfect designer to work with. Reach out and collaborate today.

We love to work with people who promote diversity practices, inclusion community building, the circular economy, or any other ethical practices and design from an educational perspective.

We are always happy to showcase this kind of work in our curriculum Let's Talk Today!